A quick little note about Ned King, internet B0nus and 0pportunity Guy

I got on Ned King's mailing list about two months ago. And I found out that there's no way out of it. He's such a scum bag that he uses four different send-mailers, and a new email address for each one. Actually brilliantly: He uses spoofed email addresses and spoofed domain names he doesn't even own. So when I say brilliantly, I mean as brilliantly as a maggot that eats a dead toad from the inside out.
That guy, Ned King, if you ever wanted customer support, or a refund, or help, YOU AIN'T GETTING IT.
So, he's a flim-flammer and a charlatan.
Don't trust him. I should say it's unlikely you'll ever be called upon to do business with him, but if you do, remember the name: NED KING and never get on his mailing list. The first, BEST way to do that is NOT to do business with him.
He does have three “working” email addresses but just know this: If you send him an email – he will have your email address and you will enter the Spam Zone. He'll send his racist diatribes, porno links, and political conspiracy theories. Ugh. And I still get emails.
Here is what a Ned King blocking filter looks like and it works for most of his email:
== cut & paste ==
== cut & paste ==
Ned King's whoring out Sendmail.net and discrediting Systeme.io – people should be marking his site for Ned King Spam, Ned King Phishing and Ned King email bombs and since Ned King sends his monumental amount of spam, from these vendors including Campayn.com
The most bizarre thing of all: Ned King thinks Jesus Christ himself is endorsing and protecting what Ned King's doing. 'Thinks that Jesus Christ will SMITE anyone who crosses him. As if Jesus Christ was a smiter like Allah. Is.